Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is at the heart of what the Law Office of Charles Tweedy does as a litigator.  Resolution, whether by settlement or judgment, it is always the goal to achieve the best economic result for his clients. In addition to resolving clients’ problems, Charles Tweedy has served as a Settlement Conference Judge Pro Tem regularly since 1989 for the Sacramento Superior Court, and has served as arbitrator for and Sacramento and El Dorado County Superior Courts and in private commercial arbitrations.

Serving as a neutral in an arbitration process while actively pursuing a litigation practice, gives him the opportunity to analyze the parties rights and claims from both a litigation and business perspective that considers both the law and practical effect of the parties positions. Unlike many mediators who also handle arbitrations, when he serves as a mediator he searches for practical solutions, but when he serves as an arbitrator he seeks the correct solution and applies the law and the agreement of the parties. He feels that to compromise decisions are not what parties to an arbitration seek or deserve.

Charles Tweedy has settled hundreds of cases for other lawyers and their clients over the years by bringing a neutral view to a charged litigation process.

Professional Experience

  • Settlement Conference Judge Pro Tem
  • Mediator / Arbitrator